How to Control Hunger

How to Control Hunger


When it comes to losing weight, most people fall to the pains of hunger. It’s the thing that creeps up on you right as you feel that you have a grip on your diet. Hunger messes with your head and really makes staying on track difficult, but there are ways in which you can control it.

Hunger typically comes about through signals to the brain from an empty stomach. Interestingly enough, not all these signals are actually from an empty stomach. Some of these signals for hunger can come from stress, lack of sleep, or dehydration. The body will signal that it is craving food as the sensation you get when you feel that growl in your gut, which may lead to you sneaking in excess calories or junk foods.

Now, that isn’t to say that you won’t feel hunger because you’re hungry. When you diet, the goal is to consume less food than it takes for you to gain weight or stay at your same weight. This will 100% signal a hunger response, which makes things difficult.

While you won’t be able to completely remove the feeling of hunger, you can work to control it and keep it at bay.

We’re going to be covering everything you need to get a grip on your hunger.


Stay Hydrated 

Hydration is important. Your body is mainly made of water, and you need it to live. However, it can help keep hunger away as well. When you’re dehydrated, the body may actual signal what feels like hunger, when you just need to drink more fluids. When you feel that rumble in your stomach, try having a glass of water and see how you feel after. More times than not, you will realize that you weren’t as hungry as you thought.

In addition, the more water you consume, the more space is taken up in your stomach. This creates the sensation of being full, which keeps you from feeling hungry.


Eat Plenty of Fiber 

Have you ever felt hungry after eating a ton of veggies? There’s a reason you dont. Vegetables contain fiber, which will expand in the stomach and take up room. Vegetables also take time to digest and will be “released” into your body a slower rate. As the digestive system works on making this happen, it won’t have time to think about being hungry.

Vegetables are also a great volume food. This means that you can consume a ton of them, without much worry for calories. You can eat more, get full, and not worry about being over on your caloric intake.

However you get them in, veggies are going to be a huge help here.


Keep Busy 

Hunger also seems to make its way around whenever you’re bored. You can’t find anything to do so you end up deciding on a snack. People often fail with weight-loss for this exact reason.

The best way to combat this is to keep busy. There’s no science behind it, all you have to do is keep your mind off of food and cravings by keeping occupied. This could mean adding in more walks, picking up hobbies, or joining organizations that can help you keep your focus off food.

When food isn’t the only thing you’re thinking about, you’ll quickly realize you aren’t as hungry as you thought you were.


Appetite Supplements

Even with the added water, veggies, and activities hunger may still find its way in. That’s where you can bring the benefit of an appetite supplement into the mix. These supplements aid you in keeping everything stable. The digestive system, your blood sugar, and hormones are all influenced to keep hunger down. 1UP Nutrition has a powerful appetite suppressant that helps in these exact categories. Plus, it uses safe, researched, and properly dosed ingredients to provide only the best of benefits.


Closing Thoughts 

Hunger is a natural feeling or sensation, but it does show up more when trying to cut weight. It’s how the body “survives” not having enough food. While this response was helpful millions of years ago, it can get in the way of more modern pursuits of weight loss.

Hunger can also show up from things like stress and a lack of sleep, which you will want to keep at lower levels as is.

It’s not impossible to control your hunger, however. You can focus on drinking more water, eating enough veggies, staying busy, and utilizing supplements to control your hunger. All of these actions will help you in the long run.

Don’t fall victim to those hunger pains. Take control and hit your goals! 

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