Benefits of Taking a Fat Burner

Benefits of Taking a Fat Burner



The supplement world can be a little overwhelming to say the least. Instead of just protein and creatine, there are numerous things that you can choose from to improve recovery, boost energy, and lose weight. While this is great, sometimes you may find yourself stuck between a rock and hard place of choices.

One supplement that some may be curious about, but not fully certain of is a fat burner. Fat burners aren’t a magic pill, but a thermogenic. They’re an aid that can help sway things in your favor when it comes to losing weight and body fat. This supplement won’t melt off fat but will instead help make things a little easier for you. No, this isn’t something you can take for results if you’re still eating a poor diet and not exercising. However, if you do have a good action plan for results in place, it can help you get there safely!

In this post, we’re going to breakdown what a fat burner really is, whether it’s safe, and some ways that you can take this supplement.

Let’s get into it!


What are Thermogenics?


There’s a reason it’s called “burning calories”. Energy is created when we burn said calories, and so is heat. It’s how we regulate processes in the body and help move things along. Simply put, your body temperature is extremely important. It can help to speed up metabolic processes that are involved in energy production and fat loss.

Fat burners contain something called a thermogenic, which will work to accelerate your metabolic functions. Specifically, thermogenics will help to raise your RMR or Resting Metabolic Rate. RMR is what goes on while you watch TV or read a book. At rest, your body is burning calories, and the more of this it does, the more likely you’ll end up in a caloric deficit. In addition, your metabolic rate is being increase during exercise as well. Therefore, those workouts are providing more bang for your buck when it comes to calories burned.

Fat burners will also contain caffeine in most cases. Caffeine is great because it gives you energy, but it also has two benefits that most aren’t aware of. First off, caffeine is thermogenic and can help to increase your metabolic processes for weight loss. It also acts as an appetite suppressant. Try drinking a cup of coffee, you probably won’t have much of an appetite right after! This natural ingredient can help boost your weight loss efforts and it’s something we tend to consume every day in the first place.

So, does a fat burner melt away fat? Not really. It really works through the process of increasing your metabolic rate to burn more calories when resting and being active. This in turn, can lead to a caloric deficit that will in turn create the perfect scenario for burning body fat. 


Are They Safe?


The next question is whether or not it is safe. Yes, these supplements are safe and most of them are going to contain natural ingredients like L-Theanine, Ginger Root, Theobromine, and caffeine. These aren’t off the wall ingredients that should raise an eyebrow, but things that have tons of studies behind them. So long as you’re following the recommendations on the supplement itself, you’ll be totally fine. Just check with your doctor before starting any supplement.

You can also go the extra mile and find a supplement company that strives to create a safe and effective supplement. 1UP Nutrition does just that. Regarding fat burners, they actually have a men’s and a women’s version. Everybody is different and they take this into account. They put time into making sure these are lab-tested, quality controlled, properly dosed with premium ingredients, and even provide a money back guarantee. If you’re worried about the safety of thermogenics, it won’t be a concern with these.


Is There a Stim-Free Option?


Now, we did mention that these can contain caffeine. However, you may want some of the same fat burning effects without the stimulant boost. This is totally an option through a supplement called L-Carnitine. This amino acid helps to shuttle triglycerides (fats) into your mitochondria (remember, the powerhouse of the cell), which allows them to be broken down for energy. Therefore, it helps to put you in a state of burning fat for energy versus storing it for later. This makes it a great option for fat loss without all the caffeine.


How to Take a Thermogenic


Seeing as some have caffeine, it’s best that you avoid taking these at night. Sometime in the morning is suggested as it can act as a boost for the day. In addition, you may want to create a cycling rotation due to the stimulants. This just means that you would take it for about 8 weeks before taking 4 weeks off. After that you can get right back on it. As far as the non-stimulant fat burners go, you should be good to continue with them.

You will more than likely have an easier time absorbing these with some food as well, so it’s suggested to take with a meal.




Fat burners aren’t something to be afraid of. They also aren’t a magic pill that just melts off fat. They’re an aid that can help give you an advantage with weight loss. The added boost in thermogenesis (production of heat) and the suppressing of your appetite can help you to fight cravings while burning some extra calories. This ends up being a win-win for you on the road to weight loss.

Between stimulant and stimulant-free fat burners you should be able to find something that fits right into your routine. Just ensure that you’re buying from a company that you can trust and there won’t be anything to worry about!

Good luck out there!

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